Saturday, 26 March 2011

What a disgrace! I am watching live footage of the "spending cuts march" in London and while around 250,000 people have been peacefully campaigning, there are a bunch of complete and utter idiots attacking shops, banks and hotels.

What would the parents of these morons think? They would be appalled and amazed that their idiot offspring are acting in this way.

Personally I think the Government here need to look at what and how they are cutting jobs, benefits & services BUT some of these people don't deserve a voice ... possibly jail.

Anyway - several hundred miles to the south west of England, I have been enjoying warm sunshine, manicures, pizza and CAKE (grrrrrr to the latter). If only everyday could be a holiday!
Truro Cathedral
Could have been the location for my first job
What is going on here?
Seagull courting ... or bullying!
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