Wednesday, 30 March 2011

India wins the cricket! Due to the lack of internet again today, I have been listening to the BIG game on the radio .. In my car ... That way if anyone calls, Bluetooth will pick it up ... Hands-free work/cricket ... I like!

Also today, I received my annual dose of Robert Graham shirts/jackets/trousers ... I am a lucky boy!

Finally - the website - has a new "app". We get tens of thousands of downloads every week of our videos. There is now over 6 hours worth of clips.

Until today you could not book a stay from our site - now you can. A "book it" button with every clip sends you to the individual hotel/resort website ... And voila.

We are NOT a travel agency and we do NOT take a slice from any booking made. We are trying to give something back to the hotels/resorts we feature ...

Anyway - yet again - no photo ... Sorry ...

Tomorrow I will be in a Seychelles "state of mind".
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