Thursday, 10 March 2011

I have just been for a swim. Why? Guilt!

This morning I awoke in the hotel which has my favourite hotel swimming pool in the world (only bettered by the one at The Carnegie Club at Skibo Castle) and I didn't use it. The pool at the Carlton Tower is made of stainless steel and in my youth I used to jog there from my home, paddle and then jog back. Haha! That was a lifetime ago ...

This morning I woke early for breakfast with my mate - delightful Gary - (now "Country Manager for South African Airways"! ooh aah!) and lovely Alison (Marketing at the hotel). I should have had a dip but instead gorged on smoked salmon and scrambled eggs! Yum!

I slept like a baby after a rather large bag of Pinot Noir last night ...

Now I am just pooped.

I have a NEW camera - the Leica D-Lux 5 ... so far, so good ... I am so looking forward to taking great shots with it ...

Skyline from the 15th Floor - The Belgrave Suite
The Boss
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