Monday, 28 March 2011

The Ritz-Carlton, Wolfsburg. I am not sure that I actually told you much about it last week. I was just so busy and doing so much ...

OK - so Wolfsburg. It's 80 kilometres from Hanover and around 200 (due west)from Berlin. I arrived at Hanover Airport and was driven to Wolfsburg - on the Autobahn. That should have been a 30-minute car journey - sadly it wasn't ... haha!

Autostadt is set on 25 hectares of land ... housing the world's largest factory (50,000 + workers) ... the show pavilions (Disneyland for petrol heads) and the hotel.

The RC features 174 rooms (including 21 suites). It's a modern design ... and for a property that is 11 years old, looks like it was built yesterday.

Kraftwerk (power station) is the name of the spa. It also refers to "kraftwerk" which is the enormous power station opposite the hotel. It is 70 years old and pumps out enough energy to make up to 3000 cars a DAY! There's a gym, jacuzzi, treatment rooms and an amazing outdoor pool. It's heated to 29 degrees so even those with mental issues can swim there during the winter (moi). Natalie is the therapist to ask for ... fabulous!

There's a 3-Michelin starred restaurant run by Sven Everfeld. He's a nice chap. There's the Grill for normal lunch & dinner, a breakfast room and lobby food. A cigar and whisky bar sits (Newman's) is a huge "draw" ... I did partake ... a couple of times ...

The staff at the RC is outstanding ... friendly, attentive ... and English-speaking! Ha!

Five kinds of guest here:
1) those picking up their new cars in person
2) businessmen for Autostadt
3) Football fans & players for the nearby Wolfsburg FC ... who are in need of a Pele or two
4) visitors to Autostadt
5) foodies for Aqua

Impressed overall? Oh yes I was ... !

Cold day ... but lovely in the pool ...
The Wolfsburg Harbour (next to the pool) is also a swimming pool in the Summer. The water is drinking-quality. The biggest hotel swimming pool in the world? OH YES!
My other car is a silver Bugatti Veyron!
The highlight of my suite - the brilliant bath!
And free toys!

View of Kraftwerk and the hotel at dusk ...
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