Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Sven Elverfeld - 3 Michelin starred chef - GENIUS. I have just finished an awesome dinner with RC Wolfsburg General Manager - the lovely - Edith Gerhardt and Julius Hahn from the PR & Marketing Department. We had several courses punctuated with pinot noir and other lovely wines. Yum! Brittany sole, champagne cream sorbet and spiced pigeon were highlights. Aqua is a MUST for foodaphiles. Who would have thought that Wolfsburg would be home to a 3-star chef?
First up today, I met up with Julius and we headed to the Kunstmuseum to have a look at the "Art & Fashion - Between Skin & Clothing" exhibition. Gerda Pohlmann from the museum showed us round. Two weeks ago, the gallery featured a Giacometti exhibit. This museum is one of the most famous in Germany. There were many interesting pieces ...
including some bonkers ones from Viktor + Rolf. This is a "dream" coat - practical it ain't!
From there we popped over to the Wolfsburg Castle. The city is 70 years old but has its roots from the 13th century. The Castle is the only building to have survived the centuries. It's seen battles (Sweden and France) and was a private home until the 1940's when it then became a city monument. It's now home to art galleries and the art institute of photographer Heinrich Heidersberger. I am going to dedicate a Daily Diary entry to him next week .. his story is just amazing.

What a day!
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