Sunday, 20 March 2011

I am exhausted! I woke up this morning in a field - clothes all ragged and the faint taste of something bloody (or was it dried ketchup?) on my lips. Of course last night was a full moon ... and a "super moon" t'boot! The WereVarun obviously came out in me! Grrrrr!

Thankfully it didn't rain ... you know how much I/werewolves abhor the rain!

It's been a STUNNING day today! YES! Spring HAS sprung ... the bees have been buzzing, the butterflies looping and Moo has been sniffing at everything in the garden! My old blind pooch loves this time of the year as all the spring scents make her feel like a pup again. In human years, she is 85! Awwww ....

Wandered down to the South Coast where - as it was such a lovely day - the fishermen were dredging the harbour ... and preparing for a busy season.

Another bizzy, bizzy week is upon me ...

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