Monday, 15 November 2010

"My first tattoo!" - Varun

"The Polynesian people (& Tahitians) are covered in tattoos which all have meanings. No "love, hate" tattoos, stories of wind, earth, sea creatures etc ... some of them are so artistic ..."
Our friends/keepers/extra crew at Four Seasons Bora Bora- mathilde and brad

"A helmet dive! It was so much fun ... and it is a very stress-free way of exploring the ocean floor." - Varun

Torrential rain!

We headed straight to "Perliculteur a Tahaa" - a pearl farm – the main one on the island.

I met with Aymeric Champon who showed the process of “culturing” a pearl … and then the final product. So the pearl must be a perfect colour (grayish), as round as round can be … and as FAT as possible to be the best … they had one pearl there that was worth thousands of dollars …

"I am living on ROA – a 72 feet yacht – which has 4 bedrooms (?) of which mine is the largest at just 20 square metres! The yacht (boat, cruiser) has 3 crew – Captain Teiva Tapare, Chef – Christophe and Steward(ess) – Vaihere… there’s a lovely lounge (the square?), kitchen (galley), bridge … and a plank (to walk off into the ocean). Set over 3 storeys, the ROA is 250 square metres in area …
The food on ROA was stunning, the staff superb … I am NOT a sea person … but I did enjoy my 3 day cruise" - Varun

The view from Varun's room on the ROA Yacht

Captain Teiva
"The sun was now setting over Bora Bora - I met up with Didier Fimeyer - a fire dancer. Fire dancing is part of Polynesian culture ... it was a way of welcoming vistors from island to island. So, I had a lesson without fire ... and then - erm - played with fire. It was strangely ... incendiary ..." - Varun

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