Thursday, 11 November 2010

Varun is taking a break from his Daily Diary for a few days and has entrusted this responsibility to Tim & James

Filming of the 2010 series of
Inside Luxury Travel is near completion. During 2010 Varun and the Inside Luxury Travel film crew travelled to Melbourne, Hawaii, KwaZulu-Natal, Quebec, Istanbul, Prague, Edinburgh, Abu Dhabi, Mexico, French Polynesia, Barcelona and Tasmania.

We are pleased to announce the filming locations for 2011 - Malaysia, Antigua, Napa Valley, Sydney, Big Sur, Wales, Geneva, Sweden, Botswana, Egypt, New Delhi and Mumbai.

Over the next few weeks there will be a series of Look Back Diary entries. Our eighth filming location was Quebec.

The two properties that we filmed in Quebec were Auberge
Saint-Antoine (
and La Pinsonniere (

The traditional crew photo ...
Varun with Chef Francois Blais - who runs Panache -" the NUMBER ONE restaurant in Quebec. We cooked a duck dish and a fabulous scallop appetiser" - Varun

"I met up & interviewed one of the owners Evan Price ... and jolly nice fellow who explained about how the hotel was built and how it is now decorated with hundreds of artefacts that were found during the excavation" - Varun

Varun playing sticks "Quebec is a VERY historic city. For hundreds of years there were First Nations people living in this part of Canada. There are still around 250 First Nation tribes in Canada .... 11 of which live in Quebec. The French explorer Jacques Cartier "discovered" the area in 1534 but Samuel de Champlain "founded" Quebec in 1608. In 1763 the British took over Quebec in 1763. Of course Quebec is now a province in Canada and is WONDERFUL!" - Varun

"I like!!!! Gerard Dansereau" - Varun

"EXTRA EXTRA special thank-you to Marouan - driver, guide, friend - who has been SO brilliant with us! Seven days with us is not easy ... ha! We have had fun ... and then MORE fun!" - Varun

"my favourite wine IN THE WORLD!" - Varun

'With pilot Jean-Michel Gagnon, we flew the one hour to near where I am now in a wonderful 1965 DeHavilland 1965 Beaver waterplane ... BRILLIANT!" - Varun

Black Bear - "Zoo Sauvage which specialises in "very Northern Hemisphere" animals. It is a HUGE zoo ... with some pretty spectacular inhabitants." - Varun

"I LOVE QUEBEC ... I LOVE CANADA! I am going to miss being here in this country so much ... wonderful sights, smells, cuisine ... shopping, flora, fauna ... hotels, museums, art galleries ...
and most importantly people ... I LOVE CANADIANS!" - Varun

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