Monday, 29 November 2010

Thunder City - Cape Town - off for a jet-fighter flight ...
Cave art - 1000's of years old - Bushman's Kloof
my Boys ... & Girl

It's just a couple of days away from December ... my "month of rest" ... travel plans for 2011 are in an advanced stage now ... and it looks like next year will be very busy indeed. I am not complaining ... I like to keep my fingers & toes twiddling ...

It's so cold outside that Moo refuses to go out without her coat! Luckily it's luminous so I can see her pottering around the garden in the dark. She's a funny little thing.

Have been reading the Wikileaks stuff ... it's funny, sad and insulting in equal measures ... there's a lot of egg on a lot of faces tonight ... most of it quite & well-deserved.
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