Thursday, 25 November 2010

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all my friends & family Stateside ... how I wish I was in Fort Worth, Texas right now!

In the middle of the night I peeked out of the window and everything was white! It wasn't snow just a deep frost but parts of the UK are under several centimetres of the stuff. And it's soooo cold too!

Next week, I am doing a few days travelling - USA & Europe - both for work sadly. I could so do with a week on a beach with a good book and a large glass of Pimms. I can dream ...

The cold/flu stuff is better but not much. I am set to be a Godfather to one of my best friends' wee ones on Sunday ... here's hoping that I will be fighting fit by then.

I have so much work to do ... when will it ever end?
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