Tuesday, 23 November 2010


I am sick ... ill ... bleugh. I blame Oli the Editor. My immune system took one look at his arm (shattered into 32 pieces) and said "if you can't beat them ... join them" and has wreaked havoc on me.

So I will keep this short - cough, cough.

Popped round to see one of my favourite people in the world - Victoria Fuller - also known by her married name - who runs PrCo/Zfl/Columbus/Indigo ... basically a whole bunch of fabulous PR companies. I have known her for years ... and she is one of the dearest people. I did forget to take a photo of us together and when I "Google imaged" her, I got a Playboy model in the US and an equestrian journalist in London! Neither of them MY V ...

Also had a fabulous meeting with our PR - KP aka Karen Luard ... she is planning BIG stuff for 2011!

Anyway - did stagger into town to see Oli ... grrrr ... the last few shows are looking good/great/fabulous! Carnaby Street - where he is based is looking Xmas bonkers - as usual ...
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