Thursday, 18 November 2010

chef charlie trotter
chef jason mcleod

I am not a fan of awards. In the food & travel industry there are some pretty awful and very misleading award ceremonies. I once hosted one in Shanghai and it was the worst night of my professional career ... I had to shower at least three times - with bleach - to get the stench of mediocrity off my body. Many magazine and newspaper awards recipients are rewarded for their advertising spend ... and some for buying tables at gala events! I joke not ...

Michelin is well-known around the world for its star-rewards for great chefs. I have cooked with 56-Michelin stars ... well actually 60 (I will come on to that) ... who are incredible chefs - but I have also cooked with some totally incredible chefs who don't have stars ... as ever, it's subjective ... never an exact science.

Last year we filmed in Chicago. I am pleased to announce that Charlie Trotter is now a 2-Michelin-starred chef and Chef Jason McLeod at RIA at The Elysian Hotel is also a 2-star man as well!

Their food is fabulous and they both thoroughly deserve it. Both were STILL amazing without the stars though ... and I know this from first-hand experience. By the way, Jason made a pizza for me ... it was yum!

I think a trip to Chicago is on the cards!
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