Monday, 10 December 2012

Today is the 1500th - unbroken - Daily Diary entry from me here at Inside Luxury Travel (there was a diary before that ... but I was not so fastidious about it).

Rather than being celebratory ... I actually feel reflection is in order.

During that time (just over 4 years) we have had a number of assistants: Tom, Phillip, Alex, most recently Jack and of course lovely James. We have had two producers: Helen (Series 1) and Emma. We have had just one cameraman: THE ONE AND ONLY Tim. We have had ( & still have!) three beautiful mascots: Maisy, Mittens & Moo... and finally ... there is ... me.

We have filmed in 258 luxury hotels, 100 episodes, 39 countries, Inside Luxury Travel, The Finest Collection and Culinary Travels ... we have taken hundreds of flights (helicopter, airplane and jet-fighter), interviewed hundreds of lovely people, worked with hundreds of wonderful PR, eaten countless pizzas & club sandwiches, written thousands of postcards and for me - the highlight - have made some truly stunning life-long friends. My biggest heartbreak is saying "goodbye" to these new friends ... and the biggest happiness is saying "hello" again down the track ...

I have lost so much over these years ... but have gained so much too ... 

2013 is just around the corner - new hopes, new dreams, new challenges and new shows ... and I can't wait.

This evening? A nice large glass of very old whisky ... a single malt, of course!

Thanks for reading and here's to tomorrow.

Song of the Day: Change The World - Eric Clapton & Babyface

Film of the Day: American Beauty

Here's looking for you, kid ... 
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