Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Another London day … this time stuck in the editing equivalent of “Middle Earth” – Oli’s underground bunker/editing suite in Clapham.

Today we went through Mallorca, Dubai and Mauritius.

Has to be said, they all look quite lovely … but if I was being biased, Mauritius shines the most!

I left home this morning and it was minus 5 … my black car was white with frost … Moo was most reluctant to go into the garden for her doodles (although she has a nice winter coat) and the kittens would not leave the Aga.

London was chilly … but also miserable … most people looked like they had lost a lottery-winning ticket.

For the fourth night in a row I could not sleep so STUPIDLY watched a horror vampire movie … as it got darker today, the movie became more real. What a fool I am …

The rest of the week is hopefully (!) looking brighter …

Song of the Day: Che Gelida Manina (La Boheme)Puccini - Mario Lanza 1949 (beautiful)

Film of the Day: 30 Days of Night (grr .. as in vampire grr by the way)

 Um - this lion doesn't mind a pat ... grrr ... lion grr that is ... 
 This cub - Coco - LOVES to play
 Flo-riding in Mallorca
 on MY (!) Roma - yacht
 In the coffin of doom (Wild Wadi)
 A now $1650.00 champagne cocktail! Really?
With Frodo (Oli) and Gandalf (Ed) at Fraktiv
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