Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Today I walked a total of 13.8 kilometres! And my feet hurt.

OK - it was (almost) from one glass of champagne to another ... but my pedometer doesn't lie!

More lovely "meetings" today with friends from Australia, New York, Los Angeles, Spain, South Africa, New Zealand, Peru, Colombia, Canada, Sweden, Germany and even London! How I love ILTM. It's quite cookie.

"Hell" is not improving. I like wearing bathroom slippers in hotels like these (grubby carpets)... and they have Grand-ly provided two pairs ... which would fit a baby chimp (just) ... not a grown man ... ugh.

Oh - "Hell" has a second home ... here in Cannes ... and my lunch at "Hell - The Next Chapter" was a fiasco ... a soup that looked like something watery from a baby's nappy (diaper) and half cooked/half frozen fish ... served with roast potatoes that could be used as mortar shells. I went hungry. 

I have taken many photos (some amusing) which I will use over the next few days.

A very dear feline friend from over the pond passes away today ... Lucy was 14 years old ... and such a sweet, sweet cat ... that always made a stranger (me) feel welcome ... she's in heaven now, playing with a lovely ball of string ... dear, sweet Lucy.

Song of the Day: For What It's Worth - The Cardigans

Film of the Day: To Catch a Thief - Cary Grant & Grace Kelly (1955)
Pretty blonde girl at ILTM to me: You are so gorgeous, so well dressed, so handsome ... such a pity you're gay or I would take you home.

Me to pretty blonde girl at ILTM: Erm, I'm not gay!

Pretty blonde girl at ILTM to me: Really? (blushes and makes sharp exit)

The Majestic Hotel Cannes was home to Grace Kelly and Cary Grant during filming of To Catch a Thief ... it's opposite the Palais - home to the film festival ...

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