Wednesday, 12 December 2012

I - like many - did many things in my youth to make my parents proud of me. I only realised - much later - that I actually didn't need the praise I sought ... they (like most parents) were always proud of everything I achieved. 

There are just a couple of interviews that I conducted - when I worked as a news reporter - that I will never forget ... one was with Pandit Ravi Shankar and his daughter Anoushka.

For those who don't know - Ravi Shankar was to the sitar, what Eric Clapton is to the guitar - pure perfection. He played with the Beatles, Phillip Glass, Yehudi Menuhin - he even played at Woodstock in 1969 ...

Sadly he passed away last night in California aged 92..

I met father & daughter in a hotel suite in London, drank some chai and they played for me ... when the cameras were rolling and when they were not. To top it off, they biked two front row tickets for my parents to see their sell-out concert in London for that evening ... an magical evening my parents never forgot.

It's been such a sad week ... Patrick Moore, Nanny and now Pandit Shankar ...

"Today I Choose To Live With Gratitude For The Love That Fills My Heart, The Peace That Rests Within My Spirit, And The Voice Of Hope That Says... All Things Are Possible"

Song of the Day:  Raga Anandi Kalyan - Ravi & Anoushka Shankar

Film of the Day: Pather Panchali (dir: Satyajit Ray)

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