Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Farewell Cannes ... hello Monaco!

Yes - the last day of ILTM (for me) was filled with more walking, more champagne, more meetings with lovely travel people ... and I have been waiting for OVER a year, but I was finally granted an audience with (THE) Father Christmas ... who was definitely in a ho!ho!ho! mood ... came from Finland ... and promised me a 40 year old single malt, a black shiny new car and a partridge in a pear tree come 25th December!

So - Hell Part 3 - The Final Chapter saw my "Please do not disturb" sign being ignored, ANOTHER cut on my leg from the bed frame AND finding I had an ironing board ... without an iron!

Grand? Limited ... very!

The weather has been lovely here ... a wee chilly & a wee windy ... but sunglasses have been very necessary.

Idiot question of the day: 

To me: If you give me your lovely scarf ... I will give you three nights in my luxury hotel ... but you will have to pay for your flight and all food, internet and laundry ...

Reply to her: Really? No laundry? In that case, erm - thanks but no thanks ...

So - another year, another ILTM ...

My highlight of the show (exhibitor wise) was a chap who runs an adventure company in Iceland who is going to take me diving under a volcano in January ... erm ... I can't wait!

Song of the Day (dedicated to Tim the Cameraman) - Sexual Healing - Marvin Gaye
Film of the Day: The Happiness of the Katakuris (Takahashi) 

Shouldn't he be in Lapland bottling my whisky? 
  With my lovely big sis, Julia Record of The Dorchester Collection
The face of US luxury travel blogging - Tiffany Dowd - waiting in line to meet Santa
The view ... lovely!
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