Thursday, 30 August 2012

As the sun sets over Lisbon, I am munching on a club sandwich and writing this Diary.

It's been hotel filming day.

The Ritz - Four Seasons Hotel - Lisbon was built in 1959 ... when the Portuguese dictator of the time demanded a "world class hotel". He got a very 1950's designed hotel ... which was "managed" by many companies until Four Seasons took over in 1997.

There are 282 rooms including 40 suites. I am in - um - the best suite in the house ... 180 m2 of sheer opulence ... It's actually the newest suite in the hotel - unveiled quite recently. It's of a classical design but has modern touches like the large mirrors in bedroom and living room double up as televisions ... very cool.

Up quite early to have breakfast with the General Manager ... Guilherme Costa ... then we filmed the drive up, interview ... and while the boys went crazy with general filming I had a LOVELY, RELAXING massage (which I thoroughly deserved!) ... before I reviewed my awesome suite before finally ending up on the "11th floor" - the gym ... pilates & yoga rooms AND an outdoor 400 metre running track ... fabulous.

I am quiet exhausted and need a snooze ... it's a long day tomorrow and I still have my postcards to write!

Song of the Day: Don't Go - Hothouse Flowers 

 With Guilherme

The underground heated pool ... part of the award-winning Spa
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