Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Wednesday ...

Today could been one of the worst days of my life ... but for the grace of God, it wasn't. I came home to find Moo suffering a heart attack. Thankfully, after a rather rushed (!) visit to the vet ... some drugs and a choc drop (yes really) she has recovered just enough to come home! It was just a minor attack. How I - unashamedly - cried!

Blind, deaf (apart from at food time), wonky legs, heart murmur (new), toothless ... but still here. She is currently fast asleep in her bed by the Aga ... totally drugged up, but ALIVE! 

The Sharma family has not been well of late BUT we are fighters!

Alive ... but not kicking


UK - Travel Channel -

Europe, Middle East, Africa: Travel Channel - 0300 - GMT + 1 - Dubai

Asia: Travel Channel - 2300 - GMT + 8 - Dubai

Song of the Day:

Concierto de Aranjuez - John Williams (Moo's favourite)

It's twenty two minutes of classical guitar heaven!

Film of the Day:

My Dog Skip (ruff)

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