Saturday, 2 March 2013

Saturday ...

Chilly & bright so I went down to the seaside ...

However, I wish I was actually "on the sea" ... as I was (below) on a lovely private yacht ... drinking champagne, smoking a cigar and ... answering emails! Ha!

Vietnam is on again tonight ... My Son was an amazing place to visit ... Vietnam's "Angkor Wat" ... except it was bombed (by the Americans) during the Vietnam War. Not cool.

AND Chicago - which is home to one of my favourite buildings in the world ... The Herald Tribune ... Google it and see why ...


UK: Travel Channel - Sky 251 & 252 - 10 & 11 pm - Vietnam (repeat)

Europe, Middle East, Africa: Travel Channel - 2 am - Chicago

Song of the Day:

E=mc2 - Big Audio Dynamite

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