Saturday, 16 March 2013

Saturday ...

It is with overwhelming sadness that I have to announce that beloved Gemima passed away yesterday. She was a wonderful thirteen years old ...

I have known for a couple of weeks that she was fading fast but the events of Wednesday made it clear that her time on Earth was drawing to a close. 

She died peacefully in my arms yesterday and was cremated early this morning ... in the only bright ten minutes of an otherwise dull, dark & rainy day. 

Moo had an incredible life ... first living on the Wentworth Estate (she was a trained golf pooch), then in Central London and finally - her retirement - deep in the English countryside.

She was given just a year to live at birth due to an inherited Cocker Spaniel defect but with incredible amounts of love and patience from her family she battled through ... and even the more recent loss of her eyes did not dent her zest for life.

She appeared on television, magazines and even was "barky dog" on a radio show! She stayed in many, many luxury hotels and resorts ... and made friends wherever she went. No-one has ever had a bad word to say about her.

My Mom always said that "the love of a dog is second only to the love of a Mother" ... and how true she was. My heart is broken ... now, seemingly beyond repair.

In my heart I know that Baby Moo is now somewhere warm, chasing squirrels and munching on choc-drops.

The brightest star in the night sky is Sirius - the Dog Star. Tonight, it will be sparkling that little brighter... please look up and wave to my darling Moo.

Always special ...


I am going to take a few weeks away from the Diary now ... but will put up show airing times/dates every day.


Song of the Day:

To Make You Feel My Love - Billy Joel


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