Thursday, 21 August 2014

Varun's Diary - Wednesday 21st August 

I recently read a newspaper article that suggested that one should take a "break" (foreign/domestic) every 56 days to ensure a happy life!

I was hoping I misread it and it said 5 - 6 days! ha! No such luck ...

Yes, I have just been away for a few days ... and discovered another amazing location. A small & very pleasing & comfortable hotel that serves fresh (sweet) cider, amazing seafood dishes and heart-attack-rendering desserts - even for breakfast!

I am actually not going to say where I was because it's perfect ... and if I don't travel abroad for Xmas, that is where I will head. Next to my bedroom was a freshwater babbling brook ... and even stepping stones that led to even more cider! Yum!

ANYWAY - off to the Maldives for filming very early next week ... and a chance to dive with Whale Sharks! How excited am I?

Yesterday we confirmed a filming trip that will tick off a "bucket list" item ... it's a cruise ... with a difference ... more to follow!

Song of the Day: Moby - Extreme Ways -

p.s. I love my orange Boomerang jacket - Orange is the new black - after all ... !

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