Friday, 1 August 2014

Varun's Diary - Friday 1st August

Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves - Henry David Thoreau

The past few weeks have been crazy ... it's amazing to think that in a matter of days, one can travel around the world from Shanghai to London, Athens to Tokyo and Isles of Scilly to Dubai and it's just so easy ... possibly too easy.

Anyway - apart from (maybe) a couple of days of wanderlust, I am spending this month "at home" - chained to my desk, editing suite, radio booth (I have a good face for radio apparently), the tennis court, the running track, the swimming pool, Bear, Roo and sleep in preparation of what is set to be a VERY busy & demanding Autumn/Winter. The last series is airing well - with many more international airlines and broadcasters confirmed to air the shows from next month! The series we are filming is building up to be quite fun ... it's all good ...

I have been taking loads of photos over the past few weeks so will post these over the next few days ... 


The Isles of Scilly Part 1:

1) Welcome to St Martin's
2) Love on the Beach
3) A pint of chips
4) A pint of beer (with one in the wings)

Song of the Day: There Was A Time - James Brown (Kenny Dope Mix)
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