Friday, 29 August 2014

Varun's Diary - Friday 29th August

Another Day in Paradise ...

Let me see, how many modes of transport have I used on this trip:
1) Car (home to airport)
2) Boeing A380 (ugh)
3) Seaplane (yay)
4) Boat (yaya)
5) Bicycle (yes, really!)
6) Feet (!)
7) X-jet pack

So the sun has been shining today except for one storm this afternoon ...

X-JET PACK???!! Oh yes - this - as the photo suggest is "flying using water as propulsion". It's not as easy as it looks BUT I did manage to "fly" ... just!

I am feeling MUCH better today - enough to go swimming at sunrise ... 

Just spotted a shark outside my Estate ... I wonder if I should offer it some chicken tikka masala? Hmm - maybe not - it will get a taste for Indian ... haha!

Oh - yes - I am SO SO happy here! Although I wish YOU were here :)

Song of the Day: Rocket Man - Kate Bush

(and whoever is enjoying "my" seats at the concert in London tonight - ENJOY!)

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