Saturday, 30 August 2014

Varun's Diary - Saturday 30th August

Conservation Saturday!

I spent most of today underwater in some shape or form.

First up, I joined the Manta Trust - a charity set in 2005 - that's looks after the welfare of Manta Rays around the world. I went out with its founder Guy Stevens ...

We sailed for 20 minutes to the Reethi Beach Reef where we "bumped" into the most amazing Manta Rays - up to 4 metres in length ... and very friendly!

I snorkelled for an hour (tiring) while the Mantas came to say "hi". There we upto 42 rays in a "flock". Yes - 4-2... !! Amazing!

A few months ago I was in Grand Cayman where the Sting Rays jump all over you as they are "tamed" by the locals ... here, the Mantas are free and come to say hello when they want ... lovely.

ALL the worlds coral reefs will be dead by 2050 if the rate of their destruction carries on. Global warming is raising the temperature of the oceans and the coral just dies. Coral is a symbiosis of animal and vegetal by the way .. it is "alive". Here at the resort, there is a program that lets guests "propogate" coral ... and its planted in the sea where it grows ... and becomes a "reef". I AM SO EXCITED that there is now an official "ILT" reef ... I will be back in two years to see "my reef"! Thank you Landaa marine scientist Thomas Le Berre!

What a day ... WHAT A DAY!!

Off for teppenyaki ... yum!

Song of the Day: We Used to Wait - Arcade Fire

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