Sunday, 3 February 2013

Ah ... Sunday ... the weekly day of rest, peace, too much food, sloe gin, cigar, pooch cuddling ... and relaxation ... hmm ... wish I had had a nice, strong back massage too! That's the plan for next Sunday then ...

Last evening was fun ... and although the photograph below tells a story, it's certainly not the real one! I was quite well-behaved and actually shared the bottle! Haha!

NEW SERIES of ILT starts airing this week ... Lisbon!

A nice place to snooze ... 
Mr Chaplin, I presume ... 
There goes the diet!


UK: Travel Channel - Sky 251 & 252 - 10 & 11 pm - Switzerland (Geneva & Montreux)
Europe, Middle East, Africa: Travel Channel - 10 & 11 pm - Switzerland (Geneva & Montreux)

Song of the Day: 

To Make You Feel My Love - Bryan Ferry

Film of the Day:

Hugo (Yes, really ... terrible story, terrible acting ... fabulous setting)
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