Sunday, 20 July 2014

Varun's Diary Sunday 20.07.2014


We sometimes live in a truly terrible world and the events of last Thursday over Ukraine - to me - are incomprehensible. I am deeply, deeply moved watching the news bulletins about the murder of 298 men, women and children by ... spineless, moral-free, cowards. There are no excuses for what happened and the perpetrators of the crime should be brought to justice swiftly. However, why do I get the feeling that they never will ...

I am finally home ... and am pleased to be. I got stuck in a terrible rain/thunder/lightning storm yesterday and was truly awestruck at the power of nature. We should be afraid of nature ... and nothing else.

China was a great success. Video clips etc will be uploaded in the coming weeks.

It's quite odd to have access to Facebook, Twitter etc after a week of ... forced abstinence.

I have had a pleasant few days - reminiscing and ...

I am very excited to be visiting another part of the UK that I never have later this week. More on that to come ...

The new series of Inside Luxury Travel starts airing tomorrow in the UK - with the London episode. Travel Channel UK - 1400 hrs ... with repeats to follow.

I am very excited that we are also doing a competition with Boomerang ( - my clothes sponsor. One lucky viewer WILL win £500 worth of clothes from the Autumn/winter 2014 collection! Lucky someone! Both ladies and men's collections by the way ... 

Apollo 11 - 45 years ago today.

1) Something nice about a Japanese bedroom - bamboo mats, shoji screens and sconces
2) My ima
3) My "sento"

Song of the Day - Dean Martin - Until the Real Thing Comes Along

With all the words dear at my command
I just can't make you understand
I'll always love you baby - come what may
My heart is yours - what more can I say
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