Saturday, 26 July 2014

Varun's Diary - Saturday 26th July (Happy Birthday Pops!)

It's just gone midnight and I am finally home after a 4-hour drive from Penzance in Cornwall.

Just to clarify - I have NOT been hunting bears ... but have been on a "Bear Hunt" on the Isles of Scilly for the past few days! There IS an important difference!

Yes - I have been on the Isles of Scilly - St Martin to be exact!

I know, just a couple of weeks ago I was in Cornwall BUT I didn't expect to be returning so quickly to that area ...

Part of my life now is to explore what is around me and I have found a true, true gem.

The Scillies (yes, pronounced "sillies") are 3 hours by ferry West from Penzance into the Atlantic Ocean.

From there, 20 minutes by boat to St Martin.

These islands ARE amazing ... white, soft, sand ... secluded inlets ... amazing sunrises and sunsets ... superb cuisine ... AND peace ... ideal for Baby Bears!

So - many, many more photos to follow sometime soon.

1) I went fishing and caught ... NOTHING
2) The water was ONLY 10 degrees BUT I still went for a lovely (& brrrr) dip

Back into London this weekend - the Proms have started ... and then early next week a quick foreign trip ... so the diary entry today!

I hope you have been enjoying the shows this week ...

Oh ... I LOVE whisky! ha!


Song of the Day/Weekend: Uptight Downtown - La Roux

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