Friday, 4 July 2014

Varun's Diary (Friday):

So my Cornwall sojourn is rapidly coming to an end so I thought I would get the Diary written before the long drive home.

I will be stopping off at some places that have fabulous names - Mousehole for instance (REALLY?)!

I will admit to being a really, REALLY grumpy old frog for the past couple of weeks. This is due to a pulled leg muscle which has kept me off the tennis court, road runnning, pool and the gym! Boo!

I have been eating (too) well instead but am hoping that normal play will resume tomorrow when I am home and the sun is shining.

Last night I enjoyed one of the greatest meal/views of my life.

The Beach Restaurant in Sennen Cove has its own fishing boat (called Rosebud) that goes out every day to fulfill orders only for it and yesterday I enjoyed: freshly caught poached lobster (with orange and mooli salad), hand-cut triple-cooked chunky chips - all washed down with a large glass of Pinot Noir ... WHILE watching the sunset over the Ocean! It was truly memorable ... and apparently rather romantic (if you like that kind of stuff!).

I am looking forward to many more amazing sunsets this year ... from all kinds of lovely places!

Another filming destination was confirmed today ... and I am going to ... ah ... maybe that will be another photo competition for next month!

OKAY! Have a great day and weekend!

Next week - SHANGHAI ... ! Whoohoo!

Song of the Day: You're Gorgeous - Babybird

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