Monday, 15 September 2014

Varun's Diary - Monday 15th September

The Grand Bretagne, Athens opened in 1874. It as 320 rooms and suites - but only ONE Royal Suite. It's 400 sq metres in area. It has just one bedroom.
BUT it features: a piano, more antiques than you can imagine, oodles of gold, lashings of Blue Brazilian Marble, a Californian King Size Bed, an office, a massage table, a rain shower, a steam room, a sauna, an 18-seater dining table, humidor, wine cellar ... oh and a running machine. Its balcony looks over Constitution Square, the Parliament Building, The National Gardens, The Acropolis .. and the Stadium ..

Previous guests who have stayed in here include Sofia Loren and future guests include ... well, ask me on Thursday! Heehee

It is AN AMAZING suite - Euros 15,000 per night (+ tax) ... but somehow feels a wee too much for just me .. :(

Today I sampled some FABULOUS Greek wines and the best olive oil in the world. I know what gifts to buy and take home!

Oh - and the weather was STUNNING!

Right off for a wee swim before supper.

Song of the Day: Alex Clare - Addicted to Love

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