Tuesday, 29 January 2013

I didn't ever quite realise how addictive going to the gym/swim can be. Even though I have a wee sniffle and a sore throat, I still managed to drag my sorry carcass for a few laps of pool today ... and feel rather good about it. Fancy that!

I haven't actually smoked a proper cigar in three and a half weeks now and I am desperate. I was so tempted in Paris over the weekend - where smoking yukky-cigarettes is all the rage - to light a Davidoff while watching the boats zip up & down the River Seine but something stopped me ... 

Tomorrow is a London day ... a visit to my favourite cigar shop in the world is on the cards.

By the way Moo has just wandered into my office begging for treats. Just when I think she is on her "last legs" she surprises me with a barrage of barking & begging! Go Moo!


UK: Travel Channel - Sky 251 & 252 - 10 & 11 pm - Napa Valley (California)
Europe, Middle East, Africa: Travel Channel - 10 & 11 pm - Napa Valley (California)

Song of the Day: 

Enjoy Yourself (It's Later Than You Think) - Guy Lombardo

Film of the Day:

Pandorum (Dennis Quaid ... I REALLY loved it - it REALLY scared me!)
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