Monday, 28 January 2013

Happy New Year!

(And yes, I do know it’s coming to the end of January).

I have taken a few weeks off from the Diary and indeed temporarily jumped-0ff the treadmill of life.

The past month has been peaceful, quiet, calming, sleepy, uneventful but also incredibly fulfilling.

I have visited the gym nearly every day (and have lost 8 kgs/18 pounds in the process), have finally made proper friends with my youngest cat (we have always had a fractious relationship), have rediscovered my love of reading the “classics” (both British and American) and have “uncluttered” my life in spectacular fashion … all very rewarding.

I have undertaken a wee bit of travelling – the highlight being a brief trip to Paris (more on that later in the week).

Travel Channel has designated that EVERY night at 10 pm CET (Europe, Middle East & Africa) and 10 & 11 pm GMT (Sky 251 & 252) is Inside Luxury Travel’s new permanent time-slot. In the run up to the new series airing, a repeat is on EVERY night!

Premiere airing dates for the new series are as follows (with repeats to follow):

UK ONLY – Travel Channel Sky 251 ( + 1 is on 252) - GMT
6th Feb – 2200 hrs – Lisbon
13th Feb – 2200 hrs – Cambodia
20th Feb – 2200 hrs – Vietnam
27th Feb – 2200 hrs – Kenya
10th March – 2200 hrs – Dubai
24th March – 2200 hrs – Mauritius

Europe, Middle East and Africa - Travel Channel - CET
6th Feb – 1400/2300 hrs – Lisbon
13th Feb – 1400/2300 hrs – Cambodia
20th Feb – 1400/2300 hrs – Vietnam
27th Feb – 1400/2300 hrs – Kenya
10th March – 1400/2300 hrs – Dubai
24th March – 1400/2300 hrs – Mauritius

It’s good to be back!

Song of the Day:

It’s Probably Me – Sting & Eric Clapton

Film of the Day/January:

Gangster Squad (really!)
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